.Sport Initiative

The largest-ever expansion of the Internet’s naming system has arrived, allowing for the first time to associate your activity or your brand with a relevant Internet name. New extensions such as. .bio, .art, . bank, .paris, .space, .info or .med are only a few examples of these new extensions. In this context, GAISF proudly applied for the management and organization of .sport Internet extension.

A need to ensure a proper usage of the .sport extension

Based on a mandate taken from its 100 + members and with the support of the IOC, the UNOSDP, WADA and many more, GAISF has initiated a process to acquire the .sport extension in order to ensure a proper usage of this extension.

A Community Based application

As the representative of the Global Sports community, and to confirm its accountability to this community, GAISF has designated it application as a Community-based application. This type of application requires stronger commitments related to the usage policy of the extension but reflects totally the philosophy of GAISF initiative.

An established Policy Advisory Board

To guarantee a permanent involvement of the Sports Community, GAISF has taken the initiative to setup a governing body for.sport so as to achieve effective community-based policy development. This governing body is composed of representatives of International Sports Federations and the IOC representatives and is open to other sport stakeholders. As a consequence, the .sport top-level domain will truly be led by the sports world and will be developed around the values, culture and principles of sport.

How to get your .sport extension

.sport extension are not available at the moment but if you are interested, please send us an email at: pierre.germeau@gaisf.org