tHe .SPorT InitiatiVe


Popular internet domains often suffer from abuse, insecurity and speculation.
We believe the sports community deserves better.
We wanted to create a domain that protects and promotes the interests of legitimate actors in the international sports industry.
We wanted to guarantee zero domain abuse, zero cyber squatting and zero cyber speculation.

.SPORT is the solution.
Our domain levels the playing field for the online sports community.
In addition to safeguarding your interests, owning and activating .SPORT means you or your organisation will become more:

Through a strict verification process, owning a .SPORT domain shows you are a recognised member of the international sports community.

Through leveraging the processes of today’s most popular search engines, you will enjoy a ranking advantage and become more discoverable with .SPORT, allowing you to attract more high-quality fans and customers.

.SPORT’s unique branding and context provides a valuable distinctive asset for any legitimate organisation looking to grow in the sports industry. Strengthen your brand by becoming more recognisable.

If you want to protect and promote your brand in sport, we’re here to help.

For support with applying, activating or simply learning more about .SPORT, message the team at

How to get your .sport domain name

Domain name applications can be made on

Full list of providers is available here:

What are the costs?

Registration service providers (official registrars and their resellers) will vary on price and service level, but the .sport registry (GAISF) has the same prices for all registrars. For a typical individual registration, the price ranges from USD 350-450 per year.

GAISF Members benefit from an exclusive portfolio approach. A portfolio may comprise hundreds of names, including the federation’s acronym, the various disciplines and subdisciplines in many languages and fully qualified event names.

For any enquiries on the .sport project please contact

Please visit for additional information about the .sport initiative

Who's in ?

Some of the .sport stakeholders who already join the community

  • International Federation of American Football
  • World Archery
  • World Athletics
  • Badminton World Federation
  • World Baseball Softball Confederation
  • International Basketball Federation
  • World Confederation of Billiard Sports
  • International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness
  • World Bowling
  • World Bridge Federation
  • International Canoe Federation
  • International Cheer Union
  • International Chess Federation
  • International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation
  • World Curling Federation
  • World Dancesport Federation
  • International Dragon Boat Federation
  • International Equestrian Federation
  • International Floorball Federation
  • World Flying Disc Federation
  • International Gymnastics Federation
  • International Hockey Federation
  • Ju-Jitsu International Federation
  • World Association of Kickboxing Organisations
  • International Korfball Federation
  • World Lacrosse
  • International Mind Sports Association
  • International Federation of Muaythai Associations
  • International Netball Federation
  • International Orienteering Federation
  • Association of Paralympic Sport Associations
  • International Powerboating Union
  • International Powerlifting Federation
  • World Rowing
  • International Sambo Federation
  • International Savate Federation
  • International Ski Federation
  • International Federation of Sport Climbing
  • International Association for Sport and Leisure Facilities
  • International Federation of Sports Chiropractic
  • International Sumo Federation
  • International Table Tennis Federation
  • World Taekwondo
  • International Tennis Federation
  • Fédération Internationale de Teqball
  • World Underwater Federation
  • International University Sports Federation
  • International Waterski and Wakeboard Federation
  • International Weightlifting Federation
  • World Armwresting Federation
  • International World Games Association

More than thousand other global sport stakeholders (media, agencies, sponsors, sport providers, clubs, events organisers or athletes) have also registered their domain name.